Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crochet bib necklace diagram FREE

Recently I finished one of the big projects I've been working on. The crochet bib necklace.

I also made earrings to go with it.

I've  worked so hard on it, had to redo it three times, from start to finish. But at the end I am very pleased at the result  and feel  proud of myself. )))

Today I want to share a diagram that I used for this necklace, in case someone else out there wants to make one!

And here you can find some useful info about crochet chart symbols.

But if you can't crochet and want to have this necklace, you can always stop by at my etsy shop.)))

Happy crocheting, everyone!


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  1. Do you have any copyright rules about making the necklace and selling it (but not the diagram)?