Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Velveteen Rabbit

I don't know if it is just the age, but Alina doesn't play with dolls that much. She prefers her animals:)

Taking bear for a walk

Here she is with the bunny

She also LOVES  her  lizard. :)  Sometimes I think she likes it more than anything. 

Doesn't go anywhere without it!

So I've been wanting to make some new friend for Alina for a long time. And when I came cross this book, I fell in love instantly with the  Rabbit.  

I used Italian mohair that I ordered from Russian long time ago.The fabric was so soft and rich that I was afraid to cut it.
But I am so glad I finally found the courage. :) I am so proud of the result.

Here is  my "Velveteen" Rabbit!

I made the ears a little longer than they were supposed to.

I used oil pastels to tone the eyes- I think it gives them more depth. 

I think he is perfect! But the best part is that Alina loves him! :)

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