Saturday, June 8, 2013

Miss Maggie Rabbit and new beginnings

I have been really quite lately. No blog post, no tweets, no facebook statuses.And I have been cheating on my crocheting with my sewing machine:)

So many new projects that I want to work on, and NO time. And to make it worse, I found my new obsession- toy making. I enjoyed creating little creatures before, but now Alina is getting big, and she is  really into animals- eats with them,sleep with them,and we never leave the house without her gorilla and penguin:)

 Last week I came across this amazing blog when Posie Gets Cozy and fell in love with Miss Meggie Rabbit . I purchased the pattern and spend one evening making Miss Maggie.

Miss Maggie has removable boots, dress and capelet. The pattern is so easy to follow and it is such an easy and fun project. And Alina LOVES her!

My next project is hand-sewn bear. I think I will call him Ted. He is almost ready and about to be born:)

I really want to finish him tonight and to surprise Alina in the morning.Thinking about making him a sweater and pants, maybe?! :)

Also I received beautiful fabrics in the mail that I ordered for my future Tilda projects.Surprisingly there are not a lot of Tilda fabric sellers out there. I love Tilda is the only place in US that I could find. The variety is good and the shipping is super fast!

So I am off to finish Ted and  wish everyone peaceful and cuddly weekend :)



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