Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crochet HEART Gift Box Pattern

I've been meaning to post pattern for Valentine's Day for weeks now. Last Friday almost started writing, then the blizzard Nemo came and the rest I want to forget. The power outage for 2 days, cold and dark home-I had enough winter for this year!

But the V Day is almost here and I am super excited to share the pattern for a heart shaped gift box!

To make this "box" you will need:

chunky yarn (you can use other type of yarn, but the box will be smaller)

hook# N/9.00mm and hook# H/5.00mm

30 min of your free time :)


With hook# N/9.00mm create Magic Ring, Ch3(counts as first dc), dc 15 inside the ring,pull the ring tight but do not join.(You will have 16 dc sts)

Now I am going to give every stitch a number, so it will be easier to see where and how many stitches go to.

1.  dc, treble crochet st 
2.  3 treble crochet sts
3.  3 treble crochet sts
4.  2 dc sts.
5.  2 dc sts.
6. dc
7. dc
8. treble crochet st
9. dc
10. dc
12. 2dc
13. 3 treble crochet sts
14. 3 treble crochet sts
15. treble crochet st, dc
16. Ch3, and slip stitch

The heart is done:
Now you will need to make another one using the same hook# N/9.00 and two more using hook# H/5.00mm.

So you should end up with two big hears and two smaller ones.

Take two hearts of the same size and start crocheting around joining two pieces with sc stitches.

Make 2 dc into the treble crochet stitches of the previous round.

 When you will complete the first round, repeat one more time.

So after two rounds, your heart will have nice rounded shape.

One "lid"of the box is done, now you will need to repeat the same steps to create the second one.

Now when both pieces are completed, you can put them on top of each other and join with the ribbon, button or anything you like. :)

As you can see, the heart on the bottom is bigger and overlapping a little. But you can make both pieces the same size. Just use one size hook, and they will be identical :)

Now you  have one of a kind gift box! And there is left to do is to write a  note for someone special!

Love and be loved!

And as always,

happy creating!

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  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing... Been looking around for days... Tried so many... This seem to be brilliant. Thanks so much :)

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