Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crochet Tiara pattern

Today I will share the pattern for this adorable crochet tiara!

Specially for Samantha! :) 

So to  make it you will need super fine yarn and crochet hook # B/2.25
Originally my idea was to make two crowns, one in blue and one in pink, for newborn twins. 
I couldn't find any super fine yarn in blue, so I decided to try embroidery floss and I really like how it turned out! 

sc-single crochet
sl-slip stitch


Chain 72, join carefully not to twist. 

Row1: ch1, sc in every stitch till the end of the row, join with a sl st.

Row2: ch1, sc in the first st, ch5, skip 4 sts, 1sc in the next(5th) st-repeat till the end of the row.

Row3: {3sc, ch3 and sl st in the 3rd ch from the hook to form a picot, 3sc} repeat this into each ch5 space till the end. 

Fasten off and you are done! 

Easy, right? 

After finishing this tiara, I put it on a jar, making sure it fits snugly, and sprayed it with fabric stiffener.

I hope my instructions make sense:) 

Please feel free to post your creations  on my FB page!

As always, 


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