Friday, July 6, 2012

Poppy art

About a year ago we moved to a two bedroom apartment, a really big place, comparing to our old one. I remember thinking: “What am I going to do with all that space???!!” Now the problem solved-with all the baby toys, Jumpers, Gyms, Exersaucer –we can barely move)))

I was 9 months pregnant, still had 20 days till my due date. So on Friday, August 6th, when the last box was unpacked, I sat on a couch looking at a big white wall and thought of my new big project.

I saw this beautiful wall art at

and wanted to make something similar myself.

I was making plans to go to pick up supplies the next day, but my daughter decided that it could wait and was born 14 hours later))))

So 6 months later I finally finished it and my wall doesn’t look so boring anymore.))))))

What do you think?

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