Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For the book lovers.

This summer I have been sooooo lazy. My mind is melting because of the heat and humidity, and I am secretly dreaming about three quarter sleeves, boots, cozy cowls and fresh autumn air. I know that when November comes with all its wetness and gloominess, I will start counting days till summer :) I know, human nature, and I can't help it...

So this summer is not as productive as I want it to be, but I still managed to complete some of the protects that have been on my list for a long time. This library tote is one of them :)

The school year will start before we know it, so I thought maybe you, my creative friends, would like to make this  tote for your child, for your friend or  for yourself:)

Working on this project I decided to experiment with materials. I wanted this tote to have canvas feel and look, and I had trouble finding that perfect yarn for it. Then shopping in Home Depot, I came across this household twine.
I believe it was $2.97 per "skein" and I used a little bit over two.I would compare it to medium weight yarn. But of course,you can use any type of yarn you like, the household twine is just my personal preference.:) 

With Hook #H/5.00 make Ch58

Round: dc in the 4th ch from the hook and in every st until just one last st is left, then 5dc sts in the last st; now working on the other side of the foundation chain,work dc in every st till the very last st, them 4dc in the last st, and join with sl st into the 3rd ch of ch3. This is going to be the bottom of the tote. 

Round 2: From now on,you will be working in rounds without joining, so you can place stitch marker here to know where each round begins. Work sc in every st around working in back loops only.
Repeat Round 2 as many times as you need to achieve the desired look. I completed 45 rounds and my finished tote measures 13"x14".

Now the handles (make 2): 
Before making the chain, leave long tail for sewing the handle to the tote.
Make sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and in the next 79 sts, until just one last st remains, then 5sc sts  in the last st, now working on the other side of the foundation chain, work  sc in every st till the very last st, then 4sc sts in the last st, join with sl to the ch1. Finish off leaving long tail for sewing.  

Now the fun part begins :) I downloaded Grinched Font here, typed  my favorite Dr.Suess quote in Word Document,  and then I printed it on heat transfer paper (bought it at Walmart for about $9)

When you are ready to print the transfer, make sure you flip the image. I couldn't do it in Word, it didn't give me that option, but luckily my printer had "t shirt  transfer" setting,so I checked that box and it printed my image exactly how I need it to be.

Then I took the piece of cotton fabric, ironed it first, and transfered my image to the fabric following the instructions that came with the transfer paper. The I cut out the part that I needed and glued it to my tote. 
Then made the bow and the hat:) 
And glued them too. 

 I really like that the twine does not stretch as a regular yarn does, so the handles do not stretch  and do not pinch the shoulder.

I also added lining with a pocket. I can not give instructions on that one because the sewing is not the area of my expertise :))   I am sure there are tons of great tutorials out there that explain this simple step. I just went with the flow and I really like how it turned out! :) 

Now the trips to the library have become  even more exciting!!! 


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  1. I absolutely adore this, so I've made it my Free Pattern Friday feature!

  2. this is such a wonderful idea. i know it's such an easy project but it is PERFECT for a gift for our children's librarian who is moving away. thank you so much (and for the detail ideas)!!!